Pyramid Intervals on Treadmill


Here is a short treadmill workout to step up your running training,  I often use this with clients as a finisher to workouts and has proven to be really effective.

The workout involves stepping onto the treadmill for your work phase and stepping off the treadmill for the rest phase. This can be quite tricky at first so if you haven’t done this before I would suggest having a go at a slower speed until you get comfortable with this.

Always warm up before starting this workout and spend a few minutes gradually building up the speed of the treadmill to the required speed.

Ok, here it is:

Treadmill Pyramid Intervals


As you can see, the incline reduces as the work phase increases. As you reach the mid point of the session the incline starts to climb again.

You may feel like this is pretty easy for the first couple of rounds – this is normal! It does get tougher in the later part….. I promise.

Aim to complete the session at the same speed throughout. Once you can, next time increase the speed!

Enjoy :o)