Back Workout Finisher

Recently I have had a few concerns from the guys in our ‘Tough Mudder’ team about upper body strength especially pull ups and the monkey bar obstacle on the course.

So… I have a quick back workout you can try as a finisher to your gym session or after a run.

ok, so the structure works like this…

Set a timer for 30s intervals, on the first beep do 1 pull up then rest for the remainder of the 30 seconds.

at interval 2, you perform 2 pull ups then rest for the remainder of the 30second interval.

I’m sure you’ll have spotted the pattern by now….in interval 3, perform 3 pull ups and so on

You continue in this fashion until you cannot complete the required number of reps. When you get to this stage you get one more attempt, rest for 30 seconds then retry the last round to see if you can complete it.

I know what some of you are thinking:

What if I can’t do a pull up???

What if I’m not a member of a gym and don’t have a pull up bar???

Don’t worry, you can follow the same structure with inverted rows! Inverted rows are where you use a lower set bar with your feet on the ground allowing you to perform a pulling motion without taking your full body weight.


If you are in a gym this can be done with a barbell on a rack or a smith machine, you could even use a TRX, olympic rings or other suspension training system.

If you are not using a gym you will find bars etc on any climbing frame in a kids play park. You can use railings etc for the inverted rows too.


Give it a go and see how you get on!