Andrew McIntyre Personal Trainer

Andrew attained his BSc (With Distinction) in Sport and Exercise Science at Napier University, Edinburgh. Throughout his studies, Andrew developed a keen interest in Fitness Testing, Biomechanics and strength and Conditioning.

Whilst studying he pursued his interest in Strength and Conditioning working as an intern at Sport Scotland, based in Dundee University, gaining experience working with athletes competing at national and international levels. This led to a position as strength and conditioning coach for Sport Tayside and Fife, where Andrew worked with young athletes from a variety of sporting backgrounds in order to develop performance and skill.

As well as working within the field of strength and conditioning in terms of professional coaching, Andrew established AM Fitness offering personal training throughout both fife and Edinburgh. Services include private one to one training sessions, semi private group training sessions, sport specific sessions and fitness boot camps. Andrew worked in association with the Centre for Sport and Exercise at Edinburgh University as a gym supervisor.

Whilst offering services in strength and conditioning coaching and independent training, Andrew also has experience working with cardiac rehabilitation clients delivered fitness sessions within the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh.

Andrew continually reviews and revises his professional practice, adapting with experience to ensure programmes and sessions are dynamic and effective, enabling clients to achieve success with whichever goals they set. By continually reading, researching and developing new ideas, Andrew ensures his methods remain current and his training programmes engage with client demands. He believes in keeping abreast with current fitness methods and theories to ensure he delivers the highest quality service to each of his clients and often incorporates specially adapted sport related coaching into sessions in order to provide fun, varied and results orientated sessions.

From a young age, Andrew competed in a variety of sports including Rugby, Football, Karate and badminton. He has completed in various 10k’s, half marathons and assault courses over the last few years in order to maintain strength and agility therefore leading by example in terms of health and wellbeing. He has a strong passion and enthusiasm for fitness and strives to instill this same passion in each of his clients in order to improve performance and embed lifestyle objectives through enjoyable yet continually challenging training sessions and dietary guidance.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Advanced Conditioning
  • Sport Specific Programming
  • Weightlifting
  • Olympic Weightlifting
  • Fitness Testing
  • Fat Loss
  • Nutritional Guidance